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Chaldean Patriarch Appeal: People Before Oil, No More Conflict

In a letter to the President of the Republic, Sako urges “cooperation” between Iraqi leaders. The

Babylon Of Chaldeans

Ruins of the Biblical city of Babylon, 1932. (Photo by Underwood Archives/Getty Images) Where is Babylon?

Babylonians of 2000 BC had envelopes made of baked clay

    Today’s Feelology post will consider the past and the future of envelopes.  When confronted

Islamic State blows up façade of ancient Mosul Chaldean monastery

Extremists from the group calling itself Islamic State have severely damaged a 10th-century monastery in Mosul

Iraqi priest: Muslim neighbours turned against Christians after Isis captured Mosul!

An Iraqi Christian priest has revealed that several Muslim neighbours turned against Christians in Mosul after

Local Chaldean leader produces list of 70,000 People wanting to be rescued from Iraq & Syria

  By John Carroll It’s a life-saving mission of epic proportion. A local man is trying

Islamic State Bulldozes Ancient City of Nimrod!

  The Islamic State jihadist group began bulldozing the ancient city of Nimrod in northern Iraq

Chaldean Tanlent Justin Meram comes off bench to help Iraq beat Jordan 1-0 in Asian Cup 2015