Do Chaldeans have lack of Chaldeanism ?!



Joseph Jacobs “A nation without identity is like human body without bones”

Do Chaldeans have lack of consciousness!!,Does this consciousness has a relation with Chaldeanism and their own identity ?!

-we see and notice that some Chaldeans mired intellectual chaos about their Identity!!

-Chaldeans have made a Great History for more than 7300 years,which makes them on of the oldest nations on this world,besides they are the native people of Iraq.

So yes,there are many factors produced lack of consciousness to the Chaldeans nowadays,I’d say they are:
-Subjective Factors
-Objective Factors
-Historical Factors

Let’s talk about Subjective factors:these factors are related to the Chaldean House itself,which means insider factors:

1-Lack of Chaldean national spirit of many Chaldeans,the national feelings are very important to motivates the Chaldean  person to be more active in his/her community.

2-Lack of interest in Chaldean language:
-We see many Chaldeans don’t speak their language and not interested to learn their mother language,this condition happens because Chaldeans don’t have qualified educational institutions to teach their Children or even the adults.

Immigration has effected in a negative way on Chaldean community,which many of them had to adopt the new environment on their new place and cut the communication to their people.

4-The Chaldean organizations are not active and do not move under the same overheads,which usually make their moves ineffective to the community.

Yess,Because of these factors many Chaldeans have lack of Chaldeanism,We need to fix them, learn from our mistakes and be more active to our community,So that we won’t regret one day for losing our Identity.

Chaldean View