7 favourite starters for Chaldeans!


When family reunion in Chaldean houses every weekend,when Chaldean men sit together to drink and when Chaldeans have their lunch….

7 Things are favourite for Chaldean people!




1-Fattoush: Toasted or fried pieces of pita bread mixed with green and vegetables makes you feel never better.

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2-Tabouleh: A mixture tomatoes (Finlay chopped),mint and onion and seasoned with Olive oil and Salt. p.s:The test irresistible with lemon juice.

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3-Baba Ganoush:Cooked eggplant mixted with onions,tomatoes,olive oil.

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4-Turshi (Chaldean pickles): It’s usually served with Chaldean typical meal e.g Biryani, the spice mixture in these pickles makes them irresistible.

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5-Cos & Tomato salad: Salated Kos are very important to Chaldeans,which is usually served with main dishs and normally they add mint.

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6-Jajeek:it’s cucumber (Finlay chopped) inside yogurt makes you feel sleepy

7-hummus bi tahini:hoummus is a Lebanese starts but still Chaldeans love it,hummus bi tahini tastes good with wine.